OES Australia | Longboard SUP
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9’4” x 30.2” x 136 L CAD/ CNC  FILE

2021 Longboard SUP

Model/Volume (l)
Length (cm)[Feet,inches]
Width (cm)[inches]
105260-8’6”71-28.3” US/FCS
112264-8’8”73-28.8” US/FCS
118269-8’10”74-29.4” US/FCS
126274-9’0”76-30” US/FCS
133279-9’2”76.4-30.1” US/FCS
136284-9’4”76.5-30.2” US/FCS
144289-9’6”78-30.7” US/FCS
151294-9’8”79-31.2” US/FCS
160299-9’10”80- 31.8” US/FCS
168304-10’0”82-32.3” US/FCS

New for 2020 is this years Longboard SUPs , design to be used on flat water to medium waves as a SUP . These boards are designed to be great all rounder performance boards for all family members in both roles. Designed for long cruzing paddles or Longboard style surfing waves with their balanced plan shape with a rounded nose and rounded pin tail. the bottom features a single nose concave, veed mid section to double concaved tail bottom.

Available with FCS front fins and US back Tri fin set up.
Also can have a Tuttle box for foil option.

Available in our CIC Carbon/ Innegra/ Corecell construction and Standard or custom graphics.