OES Australia | Wave Pro SUP
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269cm/8’10” x 78.7cm/ 31” x 130 L

2021 Wave Pro SUP

Model/Volume (l)
Length (cm)[Feet,inches]
Width (cm)[inches]
 Fins Thurster/ Quad
56204-6’8”66-26” Future
62213-7’0”68-26.75” Future
70220-7’2”70-27.5” Future
76225-7’4”71.3-28” Future
81228-7’6”72.3-28.5” Future
87233-7’8”73.7-29” Future
93238-7’10”75-29.5” Future
100243-8’0”75.5-29.5” Future
108248-8’2”76- 30” Future
115254-8’4”76.8-30.25” Future
121259-8’6”77.5-30.5” Future
126264-8’8”78-30.75” Future
130269-8’10”78.7-31” Future
 134 274-9” 79.3-31.25” Futures
 138 279-9’2” 80-31.5” Futures

New for 2021 is our new range of Wave Pro SUP’s which are designed to as close to a surfboard on water performance as possible. Taking a short board surfboard design file and up-sizing it to these SUP models (56L to 138L).

The bottom is a single to double concave with a swallow tail shape married to super soft up front to hard release tail rail shape for greater rail holding power and fast controllable turning.

Available in our CIC Carbon/ Innegra/ Corecell  construction, Future fin boxes, and Standard or custom graphics.