OES Australia | 2022 Xwave
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2022 XWave

2022 Production Graphics

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2022 Xwave

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This year’s 2022 X Wave wave boards (75L to 130L) have been design for total control, earlier planning and fast top end speed. Design to be used in onshore waves, smaller DTL wavesailing and flat water blasting.

Small design refinements to the 2022 range include a flat to veed, double tailed concave married to our fast wave board rocker line. Rail fullness and apex have been slightly increased in the nose area to hide more volume and reduce the chances of front rail catch at speed.

Available in Single Fin , Tri fin and Foil options.

Front fin boxes have US or Slot box options with the back fins US or Power box  options.

Available in both our CKC [ Carbon /kevlar/ Corecell] And CIC Carbon/ Innegra/ Corecell ] constructions and Standard or custom graphics

Hey Pete,

I was browsing your inter web just now and spotted my beloved Xwave, so I thought I’d give you a quick shout out.

I returned recently from a week’s wavesailing on the coast around Exmouth, which is friggin paradise, and after sailing my 115 Xwave seven days straight in winds from 18 – 30K and 4.7 to 6.4 I’m in love with the board, and wavesailing, all over again.

We sailed some beautiful spots, peeling offshore reef breaks and bombies, and the board excelled riding down the line.

Another day we sailed a lagoon with onshore blown out waves, but I was powered up on a 6.4 and had an absolute blast jumping the board and getting some long floaty jumps.

So the board ticks all my boxes, and as I’m 10kg lighter (now 100) than I was when I first got her, the board now has incredible range.

Cheers Greg