SUP Longboard
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9’6” x 31” x 162 L CAD/ CNC  FILE

2022 Longboard SUP

Model/Volume (l)
Length (cm)[Feet,inches]
Width (cm)[inches]
105260-8’6”71-28.3” US/FCS
112264-8’8”73-28.8” US/FCS
118269-8’10”74-29.4” US/FCS
126274-9’0”76-30” US/FCS
133279-9’2”76.4-30.1” US/FCS
136284-9’4”76.5-30.2” US/FCS
144289-9’6”78-30.7” US/FCS
151294-9’8”79-31.2” US/FCS
160299-9’10”80- 31.8” US/FCS
168304-10’0”82-32.3” US/FCS

New for 2022 is this years Longboard SUPs  . These boards are designed to be great all round wave performance boards for all family members . Designed for  Longboard style surfing waves with their balanced plan shape with a rounded pin nose and rounded squash tail. The bottom features a single nose to mid section  concave to double concaved veed tail .

Available with FCS front fins and US back Tri fin set up.

Available in our standard CSGC [Carbon/ Sglass/ Corecell ] or  CIC[ Carbon/ Innegra/ Corecell ]construction and Standard or custom graphics.